Planting Seeds of Success

With more than 650 farms and 360,000 acres in agricultural production throughout Saline County, Kansas, food and beverage manufacturers, as well as companies that produce pet food and feed for livestock will find an all the inputs they need to succeed in Salina, such as wheat, soybeans, corn, and livestock.

Food and beverage manufacturing are also thirsty businesses with high-volume water needs. In addition to vast agricultural inputs, the city of Salina can provide plenty of abundant, high quality water – a must for breweries, distilleries, and other beverage makers. With an excess capacity of 10-15 million gallons a day, we have enough reserve capacity to meet the most demanding needs for years to come. And Salina’s utility providers are well-equipped to power energy-intensive businesses with affordable and reliable electricity and gas.

Businesses that support farming

In addition to supplying businesses that rely on a steady supply of high quality agricultural commodities, Salina’s strong agricultural sector creates demand on the production side as well. For businesses that support farming, this offers huge opportunity.

For example, Great Plains Manufacturing, a division of Kubota Tractor Corporation – a leader in agricultural equipment manufacturing – is taking advantage of the demand for new, cutting-edge technologies used in the agriculture industry. In addition to its headquarters, the company operates a 36,000 square-foot research and development facility in Salina that focuses on product design and engineering and product safety testing. Like Great Plains Manufacturing, crop chemical manufacturers and seed production companies will also find a fertile business landscape in Salina.

Whether your business serves the agriculture sector or relies on the commodities it provides, you’ll find fast and easy access to interstate highways to make your products available to more than 45 million consumers in less than two days.

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