Our Utilities Power Success!

Utilities are abundant and affordable in the City of Salina, with very competitive rates that keep costs low. Salina also offers a very business-friendly environment with utility providers that consider themselves active partners in the success of our business community.

Evergy, Inc. operates several substations throughout Saline County and offers redundancy through multiple loops and separate feed lines with much of this power coming from wind energy. Evergy, Inc. also offers a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s capacity and energy needs and provides solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your operations.

Like Evergy, Inc., the Business Development Group at Kansas Gas Service is also committed to helping your business succeed. This group can work with you to explore several different technologies such as distributed and central-station generation – to help your business use energy more effectively and achieve greater cost savings.

Abundant and Affordable

Salina’s telecommunication providers are more than capable of meeting the needs of today’s businesses. Cox Communications offers cable internet connections with speeds up to 200 megabytes per second (mbps), and AT&T offers digital subscriber line (DSL) connections with speeds up to 75 mbps.

The City of Salina utilities have the water resources to support our growing business community for years to come. Salina’s abundant water supplies come from the Smoky Hill River and 15 wells, which together provide an excess available capacity of 10 -15 million gallons per day – more than enough to meet even the most demanding needs. And, the city’s wastewater treatment facility has an excess available capacity of 3.65 million gallons per day.

Salina is ready to power your success. Check out the links shown here to learn more about all the advantages our impressive infrastructure has to offer.